Mission and Purpose

The mission of Integrity Pittsburgh is:

  • outreach to clergy and laity in the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh
  • advocacy on behalf of LGBTQ Episcopalians and their families
  • partnership with the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh to work on GLBTQ issues
  • outreach to the LGBTQ community, including people who have been turned off by churches, and
  • support for each other

Statement of Purpose

For many of us who are GLBT, life growing up, and beyond growing up, was awful. We hated ourselves, we believed God hated us. We were lucky: we met people, our angels, who taught us God’s love for us, who taught us that we are as precious as any other person God created. We want to do whatever we can to be that angel for others, and to create a world where everyone can grow up knowing God’s love for all of God’s creation.

Some of us have hidden the most important relationship in our lives from those around us for fear of losing our jobs, for fear of rejection in church. We want to do whatever we can to open the church so that no one has to fear rejection for who they are.

We are so tired of knowing that the words “Christian” and “Evangelical” are perceived as negative, and reflecting people and institutions that project hate. We have so many friends and family who have disengaged from church because of this. Many youth grow up unchurched, and this negative image is the only image of church they have. We want to help create a church that is known and experienced as being loving and open, reflecting God’s infinite compassion.

We are disappointed and frustrated that GLBT Christians still cannot feel safe or welcome in the diocese. We are concerned about the fact that congregations in search, and individuals in seminary, diaconate, or in discernment are in limbo. We want our voices be heard in the diocesan conversation at all levels, and help facilitate the dialogue so it is healing rather than divisive or destructive.

—adopted unanimously, Sept. 22, 2013

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