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In case you missed it, here’s what leaders of Integrity USA had to say about Bishop Dorsey McConnell’s decision to approve same-sex blessings in the Diocese of Pittsburgh:

“I think this is a fabulous step forward, and I look forward to the day when the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania offers equality to all.”
—Susan Pederson, Integrity’s Province III Coordinator

“I echo the praise of the leaders of Integrity Pittsburgh in celebrating this step on the journey to real equality being offered by Bishop McConnell. The General Convention in 2012 made space for bishops to offer blessing rites to Episcopalians in loving, same-sex relationships as a part of a ‘generous pastoral response’ to the needs of gay and lesbian people, and it is encouraging to see that pastoral need being met for faithful Episcopalians in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. While it’s true that there are miles to go before we achieve real equality, Bishop McConnell’s generosity is a very welcome development. I share in the joy of Integrity Pittsburgh and offer my gratitude to their bishop. I pray that their diocese and our whole church will shine as a beacon of welcome to all people on the margins of society.”
—Rev. Jon M. Richardson, Integrity’s Vice President for National Affairs and rector, Memorial Church of the Good Shepherd, Philadelphia

“The Diocese of Pittsburgh has been through a careful process to discern its way forward, and Bishop McConnell’s decision to allow each parish to make its own choice shows a respect and pastoral concern for the diversity of opinion which exists. However, in his comments on the rite of blessing he seems be condemning it as an inadequate rite for the sacrament of marriage. He is — of course — correct, because General Convention did not authorize a rite of marriage. Integrity is committed to working for the day when a rite of marriage will be available for same-gender couples in every church, and gives thanks for each small step along the way.”
—Rev. Dr. Caroline Hall, President, Integrity USA

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